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Finding Value

In a real estate market that has a huge variety of properties and locations with different characteristics and prices, you will have many choices and decisions to make. The team at Williamson Brothers will help you to identify appropriate neighborhoods and property types that fit your needs and budget, both long term and short.

Things to Consider When Buying


Neighborhoods in Flux

New Orleans neighborhoods are in constant fluctuation with entire neighborhoods, streets and even single blocks going from shabby to chic in short time. Changes in city planning, transportation, and construction can all signal changes in a neighborhood, especially in a growing and changing city like New Orleans.  Early entrants into improving neighborhoods are usually rewarded for their boldness and vision.

Looks Aren’t Everything

Buyers often shy away from cosmetically unattractive properties, finding it a stretch to see beyond an ugly paint color or tacky carpet. However never forget, that ugly exterior can be repainted and that carpet torn up with often simple and inexpensive alterations. Being open minded can help you to avoid overlooking potential value.

Don’t Forget the Fixer-Uppers

Those fixer-uppers that have been on the market for months are less likely to receive multiple offers or bids over the asking price. If the costs and possibilities seem reasonable and you are willing to commit the patience and money to a major repair project this type of property might make sense for you. Don’t forget though that some defects are incurable and we will help you balance the pros and cons of purchasing such a property.

Your Best Friend the Banker

A good mortgage broker can often find mortgage products that suit your particular situation and maximize your purchasing power without appreciably increasing your risk. We can recommend local lenders that will make the mortgage process a smooth one.